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Podcasting is surging for businesses. The problem is, Businesses, Non-Profits, Politicians, & Nine to fivers, just don’t have the time to produce, edit, and distribute a podcast.  We do!  Our process is simple. Come in, record, and carry on with your day.  Our team handles the editing, distribution, and even marketing of the show if you so choose. 

 Every podcast, recording, livestream, at The POD will be successful. Yours next!  

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Diamond Package:
Video Podcast Pre-Recording /Platform upload/ One hr minimum/ 1-4 Participants/ Brand logo, titles & edit - $109.99

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Spade Package:
Livestream Podcast/ One hr minimum/1-4 Participants/Brand Logo & titles - $99.99

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Club Package:
Audio Podcast Recording/1-4 Participants/Audio engineering & EQ edit - $89.99

This recording studio concentrates on making sure that you have everything you want and need from beginning to end in order to create a great show. Here’s what is included with all packages at The POD:

  • 1-3 camera angles (except "Club Package")

  • Business branding (Your provided Logo)

  • Broadcast quality audio up to 4 participants (Livestream Phone calls $15 , up to 2 additional in studio participants $20 per person, virtual guest $25)

  • Minimum 1hr sessions ($30 per each additional 30 minutes beyond one hr)

  • Adding video clips and or powerpoint to show - starting at $5

  • Pro lighting

  • Sound treated space

  • Studio engineering

  • Marketing consultant

  • Pre production with post-production options

  • Podcast Distribution

    • Apple, Spotify, Google, YouTube, Facebook, ect.. options

  • Lounge-themed studio

    • Complimentary light snacks and beverages!

    • Clean, sanitary, safe environment!

    • No weapons, alcohol or any recreational substances.

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